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    A Simple Guide to Enjoying Your Hair Extensions Properly

    Getting hair extensions is an exciting decision for anyone to make. You finally get to have the hair of your dreams and you can experiment with your looks now. Seeing as how hair makes such a huge impact on your appearance, it is no surprise that you will be sure to make heads turn when you are rocking your new mane.

    The major problem that many people face is that they often forget that hair extensions need a bit of work and upkeep. Many people complain of how hair extensions fall out, ruin their hair or have heard of others who didn’t enjoy having them. For starters, like any other change, hair extensions bring about a major change in your appearance so you need to deal with it.

    Moreover, who doesn’t enjoy having long hair to play with? It’s the best of both worlds since you get to switch up your look with ease. If you’re not having fun with hair extensions, it’s  time you start to. With the help of this useful simple guide, you can not only have your cake, but eat it too. The following are some simple, tips that allow you to get the most out of your hair extensions with ease:

    1.    A Longer Morning Routine

    Be prepared to spend more time on your luscious locks once you get some hair extensions. Every morning, you will have to use detangle your hair extensions gently before you brush them. Always use your fingers to do so since it is gentler and you don’t end up tugging on your extensions in this way. This process can easily take around 10 to 15 minutes more but it helps keep your hair from tangling in brushes. If you don’t make time for it, you might be contributing to short life of your hair extensions since they will fall out more easily.

    Another important factor is that your hair extensions will also take longer to dry so you will have to make room for this when you are contemplating getting an early morning shower. Considering that you cannot use your hair dryer to dry your extensions as you can harm the extensions bond, this will add on a good 45 minutes more to your morning routine. If you are someone who doesn’t have more than a few minutes to spare when getting dressed, you might find the transition to this routine a bit harder.

    2.    Be Careful when Brushing

    Brushing your hair extensions is necessary but you need to make sure that you don’t unintentionally end up causing more harm because of it. A good option is to swap your hair brush for a wide toothed comb. This allows you to gently brush your hair and work out any tangles with ease. Remember that you are wearing extensions so you need to be gentle when you are brushing your hair. To make things easier, try to go to bed wearing a silk cap for your hair. This will protect your hair, keep it from getting tangled and will be much easier to fix when you are getting up in the morning.

    Before you brush your hair, you need to make sure that you spend some time untangling it before you begin. The tugging action cannot only weaken the extension bond, it can pull out hair extensions, make them more likely to fall out and also harm your natural hair. With hair extensions, the root of your hair gets strained and the brushing action can put additional pressure on your hair, causing it to fall out very easily. It’s the little things that make a big impact here so be mindful when you are brushing your hair out.



    3.    Work out a Hair Care Routine

    You might already have a hair care routine in place, but when you are getting hair extensions, you need to completely revamp the current one. Look at the products you have and switch them up. Hair products that are oil based should be avoided as they can dissolve the bond and also damage the hair extension. A good option is to ask your stylist for recommendations and you can find plenty of hair products that are great for use with hair extensions.

    Also, start to deep moisturize your hair extensions, especially if they are made from natural hair. A major concern with hair extensions is that since they are not getting the proper nourishments from your scalp, they need the extra moisture from the product you’re using. Also make time to really deep moisturize them by allowing the hair mask to stay on for 45 minutes or longer. Another thing you need to incorporate is scalp massages. Scalp massages stimulate the blood vessels under your scalp and ensure that your hair stays healthy and in good condition. It also prevents any scalp issues from forming.

    4.    Cut Down on Styling Products

    Hair sprays, anti-frizz serums and gels and more need to be avoided as much as possible when you have hair extensions. The chemicals they contain usually break down the bonds in the hair extensions. This can weaken or ruin the hair extensions and shorten their longevity. If you must style your hair, make use of styling products that are safe for use with hair extensions. Regular hair products are a huge no-no because they can cause more harm to the extensions you have.

    Another factor that you should look at is to ensure that the hair products you are using are meant for use with the specific type of hair extensions you have. For example: If you have synthetic hair extensions, using chemicals can cause serious damage to the extensions. Always go with your stylist’s recommendation or take your time do some research. It might seem tedious and time consuming but the result will definitely pay-off for you. Keep in mind that hair extensions can cost an arm and a leg, at times, so be sure to protect your investment by taking some time out to do your research.

    5.    Keep the Heat Away

    Whether you want to straighten your hair, curl it or dry it faster, always be careful of using heat styling products. Hair strengtheners, curling wands, blow dryers and other heat styling instruments can damage your hair. Even if the heat doesn’t damage the hair extension bond, it will cause split ends and other problems to spark up in your hair. Hair extensions that are made from real hair will show considerable heat damage and you won’t be able to fix them with ease.

    If you really must make use of heat styling, make sure that you are using heat protection products. Again, not just any heat protection products but ones that are designed for use with hair extensions. When using a blow dryer for your hair, make sure that you have it on the lowest setting available. If you have synthetic hair extensions, heat styling is out of the question for you since there are horror stories where the extensions have accidentally melted or turned into a mess.

    6.    Focus on the Blending

    One of the worst things about hair extensions can be when they are badly blended into the hair. The beauty behind hair extensions lies in the fact that they can give you more volume and length without looking awful or fake. On the other hand, there are times when your extension bonds, the tape or other tracks are visible and they don’t always make for a pretty sight. Many people usually stay away from hair extensions because they believe that hair extensions cannot be blended properly and will look fake once they are worn. However, this isn’t how hair extensions look. Well placed hair extensions blend in seamlessly into your hair and people will hardly be able to tell the difference.

    On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to how you are styling your hair. You might be unintentionally styling it in a manner that leaves the tracks visible. In fact, it isn’t just newbies that fall prey to this. Beyonce and even Paris Hilton have had nights where their hair extensions and weave laces were visible. While there really is nothing wrong with it showing, it looks a bit unsightly. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you take a mirror and look at your hair from every angle. This will allow you to ensure that your hair is properly blended and no hair extension tracks are visible.

    7.    Be Careful of Up do’s

    Hair up dos is a very tempting hairstyle to pull off, especially when you are attending a formal event. It highlights your face and your neck and draw attention to you. Plus it makes you look instantly regal and it doesn’t take away from your outfit. On the other hand, when you have hair extensions, they can be the wrong choice for you. Many hair extensions are fitted in such a manner as to make it difficult for hair up dos to be pulled off with ease. This is one factor that you should consider beforehand.

    Often times, when you put your hair in an up do and you have hair extensions, you end up causing more harm. Up dos can put a lot of strain on your hair extension bonds and you end up damaging your hair extension bonds. It not only pulls out your hair but can also cause you to get headaches, scalp sensitivity and more. If you know that you are more prone to keeping your hair in ponytails, you can also get hair extensions that are designed for this purpose. It’s a win-win situation and you don’t cause any damage to your hair, your scalp or your extensions.

    8.    Pick the Right Stylist

    The biggest thing that you should focus on is getting the right hair stylist to work with. This is among the first steps that you need to consider when you are thing about getting hair extensions but you also need to keep in mind that you will have to see your hair stylist again for touch ups of your hair extensions and other hair care needs. Focus on creating a good relationship with your hair stylist so that you can get the best results possible. This doesn’t mean just chatting nicely to them but making sure that they understand hair care and the wants and needs of your hair specifically.

    If the stylist is too pushy and doesn’t listen to anything else other than their opinion, you will have to find someone else that you are more comfortable working with. Moreover, do your best not to miss the touch up appointments. These are specifically meant to help you out if you are facing any problems with your hair extensions and to fix them again, if needed. If you keep missing them, you won’t be able to get any issues resolved regarding your hair extensions.

    9.    Have a Retailer You Trust

    When you have had hair extensions once, it can become quite addictive and you will find yourself getting them again and again. The problem here is that hair extensions can cost you a lot so you need to consider the budget you have at hand. Many people prefer to buy the actual extensions on their own and only go to the stylist to have them attached to their hair. If you are making use of this option, you need to have a retailer you trust by your side.

    With the help of a good retailer, you can easily ensure that you have the right hair extensions. With their help, you can find quality hair extensions at great prices. Their inventory makes a huge difference since otherwise; you can be stuck with the same kind of hair. Whether you want to try curly hair, long hair, different colored hair or more, getting hair extensions from a trusted retailer will give you good value for your money.

    If you are looking for a good online retailer for hair extensions, shop with us. At Epik Manes, we have an expansive inventory where you can find the best hair extensions with ease. From natural hair extensions to Remi hair and more, we have hair extensions available at pocket friendly prices in almost any style possible.

    If you want to find out more about our hair extensions and our products, please get in touch with us with the help of our online form.