​7 Interesting Facts about Hair Extensions You Didn’t Know

​7 Interesting Facts about Hair Extensions You Didn’t Know

Hair extensions are pretty interesting. They change your look completely, can help you get the luscious locks you have always dreamed off and you can make a great impression. Hair extensions have become an integral part of a person’s tools in the quest to look good and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Hair extensions have been widely used and they are globally accepted. Of, course, this can make you not only curious about them but there are also some very interesting facts that are attached to hair extensions. The following are some of the coolest facts about hair extensions that you might like to know.

1.As Old as Cleopatra

Hair extensions have become so common in our lives that it can be rather difficult to consider their history. While the current hair extensions are a modern invention, the practice of having hair extensions and wigs has been as old as time. In fact, it was the Ancient Egyptians who popularly wore hair wigs and the earliest sign of wigs and hair extensions dates back to 5,000 B.C.

Wanting to be pure for their Gods, the Egyptians believed in the practice of completely removing all hair from their bodies. They also popularized the use of perfumes and oils since they believed that stench was a sign of disfavor and would be offensive to the Gods they worshipped. However, the use of wigs slowly evolved into a way to show off their status. The more elaborate the wigs, the higher up in hierarchy the person would be. The poorest would usually have a shaved head with a single braid.

Many would often sell their hair to the rich to be made into wigs and extensions. In fact, women would dye their wigs, elaborately braid them or incorporate other decorative aspects into their hair. It was also a way for one to show off. The most favorite colors for their hair used by the Egyptians were red, blue and gold. The use of extensions was also common but it was only the wealthy that could use them. Members of the royal family added extensions to their wigs to showcase their proud lineage.

Interestingly, wigs were made from human hair and other materials including wool sheep, plant fibers and other usable materials. Human hair was only available for the wealthy. Interestingly, the men also participated in this practice and it was very common for them to shave their heads and use the hair to get wigs made for themselves. Wigs were either sewn into their natural hair or adhered with the help of tree sap or natural wax. 

2. A Powdered Hair Piece

The practice of wearing wigs wasn’t just common for the Egyptians. In fact, it was still being practiced but not if it wasn’t needed. In fact, it became commonplace in the 1970’s only after King Louis started losing his hair. Hair loss was associated with a loss of power and King Louis did not want his enemies to think that he was weak in any manner. He chose the beehive wig to hide his balding head and it soon became embraced by other nobles, members and attendants at the court. While they were only looking to curry favor at the time, men and women started to widely wear powdered wigs.

These wigs had a white hue that made them stand out and easy to accessorize. Eventually wearing powdered wigs also became a sign of status and power and again it was seen that the bigger the wig, the higher the status. On the other hand, wearing wigs also served the purpose of hiding the signs of afflictions that caused hair loss. It should also be noted that hygiene wasn’t the best at this time period and many wigs were infested with lice and stinking by the time they were thrown out by the wearer.

By the time the 1900’s rolled around though, the wearing of wigs had distinctly changed to extensions and the introduction of the Switch, often considered to be the first prototype of clip in hair extensions, changed the marketplace completely. Interestingly, these were available for $1. In the 1940’s long sleek hair popular and many women wore hair extensions that were damaging to their natural hair. During the 70’s and 80’s sporting big hair was the fashion statement but by the 90’s and early 00’s, hair extensions and wigs had evolved to be available in almost every style.

    3.The Best Ones are Human

It goes without saying that the best hair extensions you can find are made from human hair. In fact, the need for good quality hair has given rise to the hair industry that helps in the import and export of human hair. In the 19th Century, Britain had to export nearly 100 tons of hair from neighboring countries to ensure that they were able to meet the increasing demand for hair extensions.

Currently, the hair industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Interestingly, not everyone realizes just how valuable hair can be. The rarity of natural blond hair color also plays a role in the overall cost that a person can get for the wig. In Indiana, a woman with long, healthy, naturally blonde hair was able to sell her hair for a total of $1,500. On the other hand, when her hair was turned into a wig, it was worth $8,000. Similarly, a woman’s head was shaved by a gang who just wanted to sell her hair and get the money.

Over the years though, a large majority of hair extensions are crafted from human hair that is sourced from China and India. The diet and way of living of the population has made a significant impact on the quality of the hair. More importantly, Chinese and Indian women do not always make use of hair products, do not dye their hair or cut their hair often. This means that there is a high amount of quality virgin hair to work with.

4.Can Be Used with Weaves

Hair extensions are often worn separately and weaves are worn separately. On the other hand, to get the maximum volume and length from them, they were often worn together in the past. However, this was a practice that could easily become extremely damaging for hair as it put too much weight on the natural hair and would cause it to break more easily. Many people also used to suffer from alopecia and other scalp problems because of this aspect. In this case, they often caused lasting damage to their hair and had to deal with growing their hair back.

In older days, it was more common to do this, especially since there was only so much volume and body that a weave could add to your hair. For this reason, they would hair extensions. Similarly, to showcase a story, show off their lineage or to even indicate their health or social status, wearing extensions with wigs was the norm. However, there have been changes made that ensure that you get the fuller look you want without putting strain on your hair.

First of all the extensions are attached to weaves before the weave is attached to your hair. Similarly, your current hair health and the scalp condition are evaluated to ensure that there are no problems. It should be noted that having the strong hair that will make it easier for you to wear the hair extensions with a weave. Luckily, the way things are, you can easily make use of one particular method and get the desired results you were hoping to get.

5.Trial and Error

Not only did it take a lot of trial and error to understand how to make the perfect wig and hair extensions, it also took a lot of time to learn the best method to attach a wig securely to your head. In olden days, it was common to make use of natural wax, tree sap or anything else to affix the wig easily. On the other hand, these weren’t very feasible options, natural wax and tree sap only worked well on bald heads and even then, on hot days, it was common for the wax to melt in the heat.

Even with beehive wigs, many people would often resort to using hair glue, tape or anything that allowed the wig to stick to their hair. In fact, it was also common to use beeswax. However, this caused considerable damage to natural hair and the scalp. Products like beeswax could also trigger scalp conditions and it was very common for a person to be sporting a bacterial scalp infection under their glamorous wigs.

Even during the 90’s, wearing hair extensions was considered to be a risk because it could still cause considerable damage to your hair and your scalp. A person only turned towards weaves and wigs as a last resort and after having considered the fact that the extensions could be damaging towards their natural scalp. Luckily, nowadays, there are different methods that help you get the best hair extensions without causing any damage to your scalp. In fact, many people consider weaves to be protective hair styles that let them grow their natural hair out for a little while more.

6.Not Just for Women

It should be noted that as hair extensions has become popular, it appears that only the women are flocking to them. Interestingly, as we entered the 20th century, the importance of men wearing wigs slowly began to dwindle until it was something that was pushed to the demographic of men losing their hair only.

On the other hand, as certain hair styles gained popularity, there were hair pieces being introduced into the marketplace that allowed men of all hair lengths to sport these with ease. Many men can find hair extensions for man buns that can easily be attached to their hair. There are even hair pieces available that give them the perfect fade for the hair cut. For some men who are balding at a young age, these hair pieces are a blessing in disguise because just as women tie their identity with their hair, the same is true for men too.

In fact, going bald might be more common in men but it still triggers feelings of inadequacy, depression or more, especially when they see that their peers are not experiencing the same thing that they are. It should be noted that people, men and women both are becoming more discreet about whether they have hair extensions or not. In fact, if someone does have hair extensions, they are more likely to hide it from others and try to play it off. Luckily, with great the advancements made in today’s technology, you can easily get hair extensions that look as natural as possible in men and women both.

7.The Temple Costs More

The costs for hair extensions can be rather high, especially if you are opting for natural hair. Interestingly, not only do the quality, length and color of the hair play a huge role in the overall cost of the hair, the location on the head the hair is harvested from can also make a difference. It should be noted that you can expect to pay more for hair extensions that are harvested from the temple. This hair is of the best quality and color and many opt for this.

However, it can cost as much as $700 per pound of temple hair. Based on this reason, these extensions are usually only worn by celebrities or other wealthy individuals who are able to spend so much money with ease. It should also be noted that the kind of retailer you are working with will also impact the overall quality of the hair extensions you get and how much they cost you.

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May 14th 2018

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