A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Perfect Hair Extensions

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Perfect Hair Extensions

When you are thinking of getting hair extensions, the two main areas you need to focus on completely are buying hair extensions and finding the right stylist. However, you would be surprised to know that many people can often stumble while buying hair extensions that are perfect for them.

For starters, the main reason why one should opt to buy hair extensions is because you can really save a lot of money on it in the long run. Unfortunately, if you buy the wrong hair extensions, you end up wasting a lot of money too. Being careful can ensure that you get the perfect hair extensions that give you good value for your money.

Also, sometimes, you might just be too confused with the wide array of options available. While you might be looking at hair extensions based on their appearance, there are a few more details you should consider, especially when you are looking to buy them on your own.

If you want to make sure that you have the right ones, pay attention to the following pointers:

Consider Your Hair Styling Options

When you are buying hair extensions, consider the kind of hair styles you usually indulge in. This can allow you to pick the perfect hair extensions that won’t get strained, disturbed or damaged by your hair style. While you don’t have to put your hair up into a hair do every day, it does get boring, so be sure that you are picking hair extensions that can be styled as needed.

This can also make an impact on the overall hair extensions that are included in your hair. Also, be sure to consult with your stylist regarding this factor. Whether you want to tie your hair up in a pony tail, a braid, a low bun or even an updo for a special occasion, you should have extensions that will be able to put up with the style with ease. Moreover, if you indulge in heat styling, make sure you pick hair extensions that can put up with the heat easily.

Some hair styles might be impossible for you, particularly if you have full hair extensions, so it is necessary to ensure that you keep this in mind. Otherwise, you might find that having hair extensions is too restrictive for you. Also, if you are considering getting hair extensions for a particular hair style, you need to opt for clip-in hair pieces that can add volume or length, just for that hair style.

Synthetic hair extensions, in particular, require a lot of care as they can be extremely susceptible to heat. In many instances, they do not put up with heat as well and can melt when used in conjunction with heat styling tools. Some synthetic hair extensions are so sensitive to heat that it is recommended to avoid being near fireplaces or radiators as they can melt or become frizzy.

Attention to Color

Color is a big factor that impacts the way your hair extensions will blend into your natural hair. Not only will you have to match it with your hair color, you also have to pay attention to it, if you have your hair dyed or have high lights and more. If you are having difficulties in finding the right hue, you can sometimes choose to dye the hair extensions to match with your original hair color.

Always be careful when opting for this as it is possible to damage your hair extensions if they are handled carelessly. Also keep in mind that dying hair extensions is only possible on the ones that are made with human hair. Moreover, the dyes can be just as damaging for these extensions as they are for your hair so extra care is required.

If you have been considering a change in hair color, a good idea would be to dye your hair first to the shade you want and then purchase the hair extensions to go with that color. Since permanent and semi-permanent hair extensions can last you for 3 to 4 months with ease, you don’t want to be stuck with your old hair color.

Be sure to consider dying hair extensions as a last resort. In some cases, dying hair extensions can actually be justified such as finding hair extensions in pastel shades or in certain shades that aren’t easily available. If you do dye them, be prepared to give them more care too.

The Length Matters

When you’re picking the hair extensions, the length of the hair will make a difference, not only in your look but also in overall cost of the hair extensions as well. For example: Extensions that are 14 inches in length will cost considerably more than extensions that are 7 inches in length.

In many instances, people wrongfully go for the longer lengths as they believe that there is more room to style with them. It should be noted that if you buy extensions that are 7 inches in length, they might appear longer once they are attached to your hair, depending on whether they are attached on the back of your head or midway on your head.

This allows you to get the length you might have in mind. Also, if you pay more to buy a longer hair extension and then cut it, you’re basically wasting your own money. It takes around 2 months to add an inch of hair so it is wasteful to chop longer extensions short. Paying attention to the length is also important as the longer the hair, the more time you will have to make for styling and looking after it.

While extensions don’t usually tangle, longer ones can become tangled if you don’t look after them carefully. If you do want really long hair extensions, you should opt to get clip-in hair extensions. This will allow you to get used to the length and understand the kind of care you need to give it.

Picking the Texture

When picking hair extensions, be mindful of the texture of the hair. You can find extensions in different variations of straight, wavy and curly. The hair can also be coarse, fine and medium based on the textures of real hair. Picking hair extensions that are different will make it more difficult to blend them in and make them look more natural.

While you might have been contemplating how you would look with different textured hair, it is a good idea to pick extensions that are similar to the original hair type and texture of your hair. This is necessary since otherwise you will be faced with a problem where you will have to spend a lot of time styling your hair to match the hair extensions.

For example: If you cut extremely curly hair extensions but your natural hair type is straight, you will have to curl your hair to match the hair extensions or you will have to straighten the extensions to match your hair. This takes a lot more time and ends up ruining the extensions too.

The only time when this option will work for you is if you have permed your hair. If you do like to play around with different hair textures, opt for synthetic hair extensions that are heat friendly and can withstand heat with ease. Hair extensions are meant to give you volume and length with ease so opting for ones that are different than your natural hair can actually make them more trouble than they are worth.

Deciding on the Hair Type

When picking hair extensions, you need to also focus on the basic types of hair extensions that they are available in. These usually fall under synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are naturally harvested from humans and can fall into two different variations namely:

Remi Hair Extensions – Remi hair extensions have been treated with chemicals or have been formerly dyed by the person donating these. These can be less costly than virgin hair as they are easier to collect and are more versatile in use. Their popularity makes them a bit costly but they produce amazingly natural results in your hair.

Virgin Hair Extensions – Virgin hair extensions are made from natural human hair but they have never been colored or treated with any chemicals. These are more expensive as they are not only difficult to harvest; there is more demand for them and a smaller supply. Virgin hair extensions can cost considerably more than any other kind of hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions are ones that are made from other fibers including polyester fibers, silk fibers and more that can look like natural hair. Unfortunately, their high sheen often makes these extensions appear unnatural since hair doesn’t always have such a high shine. These can also be found in the following type:

Heat Resistant Hair Extensions – These differ from regular synthetic hair extensions as they tend to be more resistant to heat and can also be used easily with heat styling products. Care needs to be taken as high heat can still damage these extensions, either causing them to frizz, tangle or simply melt. They are popularly utilized because they are considerably cheaper than human hair extensions and many people opt to buy them when looking for quantity over quality.

Based on the types mentioned above, you can pick hair extensions that work well with your natural hair and also are easier for you to look after. This allows you more freedom and doesn’t make them as high maintenance as you might believe them to be.

Buying on a Whim

Buying hair extensions on a whim is never a good idea. Always make sure that you are ready for the changes that these hair extensions will bring into your life. If you are just looking to get hair extensions for a particular hair style, clip-in hair extensions might be a better option. They are also great for when you are contemplating permanent or semi-permanent hair extensions for yourself.

Never opt for permanent hair extensions or semi-permanent hair extensions if you are not willing to stick with them for 4 to 6 months. Moreover, based on the kind of method used to attach the extensions, it can be problematic to get them out.

For example: If you get them sewn into your hair, in the form of a weave, it can actually take a considerable amount of time to install them and take them out. If you only want them in for a week or two, this is not a good option to choose.

Buying Them Online

If you want to buy hair extensions on your own, it is a good idea to get them online. Not only does this save you time, it saves you money as well. Many people often opt to get hair extensions from the stylist but this not only means that they have to pay the marked up price that is being offered, but it also means that their options are limited to the kind of extensions the stylist has.

In this case, it is a good idea to shop online. With so much variety available in styles, hair color and length, you can easily pick and choose the best hair extensions that are available at some of the most affordable prices around. Whether you are shopping for virgin hair or Remi hair extensions, you can find them all with ease.

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Feb 13th 2018

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