How I MADE $600 In 20 Minutes Selling Hair Extensions!

How I MADE $600 In 20 Minutes Selling Hair Extensions!


I know that some things are hard to believe , but trust me it really happened.

2 weeks ago I decided I was going to buy some hair and wigs wholesale to see what the hype was all about. My mission: To sell hair extensions and wigs to beautiful women that want to look even more beautiful. I was excited but skeptical for two reasons.

1)I never sold hair before and I didn't know how much to sell it for.

2 I'm a heterosexual guy

How much to sell the hair for? Are my prices too high? Are my prices too low?

Who's going to buy extensions from a hetero guy whose also a barber and knows very little about women hair?? Answer: LOT'S OF WOMEN!!

So here's what happened......

I was at my barbershop on a Wednesday when two African women walked in requesting an eyebrow arch. Ok cool, nothing unusual. After I was done arching one the women eyebrows, I told them I was now selling hair and they should see what I have. I took them to another section of the building and dumped all the hair I had on the table. Their eyes got big and they unleashed the biggest grins on their faces I have ever seen. They ran their fingers through the bundles and seen that the hair was very good quality. They tried on all the wigs I had and they were delighted when they looked in the mirror. The women were already beautiful and the wig just enhanced what they already had going on. Then all of a sudden one of the women grabbed all the hair in her arms, looked at me and said,"I want all of it". I looked at her and said,'Really"?? She said,"Give me a price". I went to my calculator and did some math. I told her that $700 would be a good price. She said that was too high and started to negotiate with me. I went back to my calculator and did some math. If I told her $600 then I would still make a profit. Not a huge one but it was a good one.

"$600 plus some free lashes and that's my final offer". She paused for a minute and looked at her friend, then looked at me. "Ok, i'll be right back.

What just happened??....

She came back in 20 minutes with $600 and took all the hair with her. I told her thank you and sat in silence for 30 minutes. What just happened???

Jan 30th 2018 Aaron Elzy

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