The Most Common Myths about Hair Extensions and the Truth behind Them

The Most Common Myths about Hair Extensions and the Truth behind Them

Getting hair extensions can be a bit tricky. Despite the fact that they have become more common, there are still so many misconceptions about them that for beginners and even a few seasoned hair extension users, there is a lot of misinformation that they have to sift through. Before you decide to get hair extensions, it is a good idea to take your time and find out the truth behind the myths.

In our bid to ensure that you have the best information available to you, following are a few common myths about hair extensions and the truth behind them:

Myth 1: Cause Damage to Your Hair

There are too many horror stories circulating that give credence to this myth. Many people leave reviews stating how using hair extensions damaged their natural hair, stunted its growth, increased hair fall and caused other problems. This is one reason why many people tend to shy away from getting permanent hair extensions.

It is also believed that the added weight that comes with wearing hair extensions can weaken the hair root and induce more shedding. This added weight also means that new hair that grows in is also weaker and brittle, making it more likely to break and fall out.

The Truth

While hair extensions can contribute towards damaged hair, there are certain factors that come into play to cause the damage. Improper care of hair while wearing hair extensions, wearing hair extensions for longer than 4 weeks or even choosing the wrong method, can cause hair fall and damage.

Luckily, with so many different options such as micro-link hair extensions, fusion-bonded hair extensions and even weaves, you can easily ensure that your hair is in good condition. When looked after well and applied properly, hair extensions don’t cause any damage to your natural hair.

Myth 2: Can be Difficult to Blend In

A lot of times, people are scared of getting hair extensions because they believe that the hair will look fake and will be difficult to blend into their natural hair. They don’t need to read up horror stories for this.

Many people have seen someone or the other sporting bad hair extensions that don’t blend in well, stand out; and even some people who have hair extension tracks visible. This gives a false impression that hair extensions cannot blend in well.

The Truth

This is definitely a myth since proper selection of hair extensions can sort this out. You do need to take time to pick hair extensions that not only match the color of your natural hair but also match the texture. The kind of hair extension you pick will also make a difference in the overall results.

For example: Natural hair extensions are easier to blend into your hair. Synthetic hair extensions can be more challenging since they are made from synthetic fibers such as silk, nylon and more. Even if you can’t find the right hair extensions just yet, it is always wiser to shop around so that you get the best one for yourself.

It is also worthwhile to work with a good stylist. The best bet is to pick one who is skilled with the method of application you are opting for. If you want to get fusion-bonded hair extensions, ask a stylist about their skills regarding those. It doesn’t matter how skillfully they can micro-link because that is not what you want.

Myth 3: Can Trigger Scalp Problems

Scalp problems and hair extensions appear to go hand in hand. Many people share their stories about how they experienced more dandruff when having hair extensions. Again, there are horror stories of people who developed fungal infections on their scalp because of their hair extensions.

This myth is enough to make anyone stay away from hair extensions, because no one wants to deal with scalp problems. There are even stylists who will corroborate these stories for you. More than one stylist has faced a client with an overly greasy scalp or who is facing scalp issues because of the hair extensions they got.

The Truth

Scalp problems when using hair extensions are caused by circumstantial conditions. In many cases, a person might be neglecting their original hair with the permanent hair extensions. Or, in some cases, they might be looking after them improperly.

For example: Not allowing for appropriate time to dry your hair extensions properly. Moisture near the scalp can collect and worsen if you don’t dry it properly. This can then manifest itself in the form of dandruff or fungal problems. Scalp problems in hair extensions can also occur because someone left their hair extensions in for too long.

Myth 4: You Can Expect to Have Headaches

When getting hair extensions, you can experience scalp sensitivity, especially if you are getting a weave since your original hair is first braided tightly and the hair wefts are then sown into these tight braids.

The added weight can cause your scalp to feel sensitive. There are stories though where people have had to suffer from severe headaches and scalp pain because of their hair extensions. The only solution for them was to have the extensions taken out.

The Truth

An important part to keep in mind is that hair extensions are not supposed to cause headaches or scalp sensitivity. If you do have a sensitive scalp, you can experience tenderness and redness on your scalp for a few hours. However, if it has been days and your scalp is still sensitive and painful, you should consider going to your stylist.

In fact, speak up when you are getting your extensions installed. The process can be time consuming but it shouldn’t be so painful that you are get a headache. If you are getting a headache, you should let your stylist know. Also, while a few people have experienced headaches, these are only a few. A large majority have never suffered these symptoms. The expertise of your stylist will play a major role here.

Myth 5: Hair Extensions are super expensive


A lot of times, people don’t bother getting hair extensions because they believe that they are super expensive. The fact that most celebrities are the ones sporting hair extensions nowadays makes this fact more believable for people. Due to this reason, people usually shy away from getting hair extensions, even if they have been thinking about getting them.

The fact that human hair extensions have prices that cost an arm and a leg also solidifies this belief. Some people also believe that hair extensions aren’t worth the huge amount of money you need to invest in them.

The Truth

The prices for getting hair extensions installed can differ greatly based on the type, the quality, the texture as well as the length of the hair extensions you are opting for. Natural hair extensions and Remi hair extensions are more expensive in comparison to synthetic hair extensions. Other factors can also contribute towards the overall cost of getting hair extensions.

For example: Fusion bonded hair extensions can cost more than micro link hair extensions because of the process of application. Similarly, weaves are more affordable than micro link hair extensions. The expertise of the hair stylist also plays a huge role. The more experienced the hair stylist, the higher their service charges might be. However, you can find pocket friendly stylists around you with ease. It might just require you to sift around more.

Myth 6: Poor Styling Options

Hair extensions are not flexible and getting them can mean limiting your styling options. For many people, this can mean that they can only apply one or two hair styles which have become their go to due to this aspect.

Due to the limited styling options of hair extensions, many people often don’t believe that giving up their styling options is worth it when getting hair extensions. A lot of times, people opt to get hair extensions without considering their styling needs, which means that they end up having to face a lot of problems.

The Truth

Hair extensions can actually be used in conjunction with a large number of hair styles. While updos and hair styles that put strain on your hair aren’t always recommended, many hair extensions are available that are heat-resistant. This means that you can easily use hot styling tools with them and get the thick, beachy waves you always wanted to sport.

While you do have to be more careful when styling with hair extensions, especially when using hair products that might damage the hair extensions, they do allow you more freedom to try different hair styles. The extra volume and hair is always useful for new hair styles and while something like a slicked back pony tail can be really difficult to pull off with hair extensions, you can still opt for it by getting a piece that is meant for use it.

Myth 7: Clip- In Hair Extensions are good for Starters to Learn

Many people believe that opting for clip-in hair extensions before they get permanent ones is a good idea. Not only does it allow them to get used to wearing hair extensions, they can also learn to look after permanent hair extensions with ease.

It is commonly believed that when they learn how to look after clip-in hair extensions, the transition to permanent hair extensions becomes easier for them. In many ways, they are able to save themselves a lot of trouble in this manner.

The Truth

To be honest, it isn’t the most feasible option to equate wearing clip-in hair extensions to permanent hair extensions. For starters, there are huge differences, with the major one being that you can remove your clip-in hair extensions any time you want to. While clip-in hair extensions do allow you to learn various things such as how to pick hair extensions based on the right color, length and texture, as well as find out how to wash and dry hair extensions, the experience of having permanent hair extensions is completely different.

You can’t take permanent hair extensions out from your hair so you do need to learn how to look after them in a completely different manner. Compared to clip in-hair extensions, permanent hair extensions can be a huge difference and one that many people aren’t prepared for, even if they frequently make use of clip-in hair extensions. However, learning to live with or look after permanent hair extensions isn’t difficult and the learning curve with permanent hair extensions might be steep but it is fast and extremely rewarding too.

Myth 8: Quality Hair Extensions are found in Salons Only

Many people opt to go to the hair salon and rely on the salon management or the hair stylist to find them the best hair extensions for their look. It makes sense to them that because they are getting hair extensions applied from the salon, they can easily get them from the stylist.

Buying from a stylist also makes them have more faith in the hair extensions since they believe that the stylist will be more knowledgeable about high-quality hair extensions. Going to the salon and seeing the quality of hair extensions for yourself can also enhance your overall satisfaction levels from your hair extensions.

The Truth

It should be noted that while hair salons and hair stylists can offer you high-quality hair extensions, they also charge you high prices. Most offer hair extensions on a markup or on a commission basis, so while they do want to offer you quality hair extensions, they are also considering their commission on the sale on too.

Luckily, you can find high quality hair extensions online as well. Since hair extensions have become more commonly used, there are plenty of reliable online retailers who can provide you with the best, quality hair extensions. Not only do these extensions deliver on quality, but they are also available at a fraction of the cost you will face when you’re buying them from a salon or a hair stylist. Many people have learnt to save money in this manner by opting to buy high quality hair extensions online and getting them applied from the stylist.

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