Top Facts You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Top Facts You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

If you’re considering getting hair extensions, it is all too natural to be super excited and want to speed up the process. However, usually, it isn’t until one is sitting at the stylist, about to get the extensions that a few reality checks hit. Extensions, based on the ones you get, can be permanent or semi-permanent and you will have to deal with the new look you get.

However, to avoid disappointment, don’t just rely on the stylist. They can only make sure that extensions are properly installed. The kind of hair extensions you choose can also make a huge difference. In fact, there are various factors that should be taken into consideration, especially if it is your first time getting hair extensions.

The following are a few facts that you need to know and which you should take into consideration before you opt to get hair extensions:

Picking the Method

When it comes to hair extensions, there are different methods for installation of hair extensions in the marketplace which allow you more flexibility. Knowing which option works best for you can go a long way in ensuring that you are happy with your hair extensions. The following are the most common ones that you can come across:

Clip-in Extensions – These are the best if you’re not ready to commit to permanent hair extensions. Clip-in extensions are perfect for beginners since they allow you to familiarize yourself some more with how hair extensions will feel and look in your hair. Another thing that makes them great is that they can be taken off and inserted whenever you want to. This makes looking after them simpler and easier.

Bonded Hair Extensions – These are permanent hair extensions and are usually bonded to your real hair with the help of glue and heat. This is usually not preferred since the heat can cause damage to the real hair. Moreover, it is possible for one to get an allergic reaction from the bonding glue that is being used.

Fusion Bonded Hair Extensions – These are also permanent hair extensions. These kinds of extensions are usually the most expensive. Wax or a keratin solution is used in fusion bonding but it tends to be a more expensive process and not always pocket friendly. You will also have to spend a lot of time at the stylist to get them attached to your hair but the results are very natural looking and last you a long time.

Weaves – Another form of permanent hair extensions, weaves can be of two types, namely, threaded and net-threaded weaves. In threaded weaves, your natural hair will be braided and the weaves or wefts of hair will be sewn into your hair. For those with tender scalps, this might not be the best option as it can put pressure on the scalp. The net threaded weaves are hair extensions that are affixed on a net and then the net is attached to the braids of hair.

When you’re considering getting hair extensions, always be sure to pick an option that you are comfortable with. If you’re a beginner, opt for clip-in extensions whereas if you are more committed to hair extensions, weaves or bonded hair extensions might be a good alternative.

The Type of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are also available in a number of different hair types. From synthetic to natural, you can expect to be faced with a lot of options when contemplating getting hair extensions. The most widely favored are natural hair extensions and Remi hair extensions because they give very natural results. The following are the different kinds of hair extensions that you can pick and choose from:

  • Virgin Hair Extensions - These are made from natural human hair and are cut following the same direction of the hair. They are also untreated by any chemical. Virgin hair extensions are extremely costly due to the fact that there is high demand and low supply.
  • Remi Hair Extensions – These are also made from natural human hair but the hair usually has been chemically treated. Luckily, the results you get from them are not marred in any way. Coupled with the fact that they are also more pocket-friendly, Remi hair extensions are widely used.
  • Synthetic Hair Extensions –These hair extensions are made from synthetic fibers, including polyester. While cheaper than natural hair extensions, they aren’t always favored because of the fact that they can be harder to look after and are not always good for use with heat styling.
  • Wefts – This refers to the way the hair extensions are prepared. Wefts are made when the hair extensions are held together using thread. These can also be available in two types, namely hand-made wefts and machine-made wefts. While hand-made wefts are usually preferred, they can be rather expensive too.
  • Pre-Bonded Extensions – This refers to the way the tresses are connected with the help of a certain bonding agent. The most commonly utilized one is a keratin solution and you can find pre-bonded extensions in two different types. The I-tipped hair extensions rely on the usage of a special device and don’t need heat whereas the U tipped ones require heat to be fixed to your natural hair.

These are some of the most common types of hair extensions that you can pick and choose from. Again, your personal preference as well as your budget will play a bigger role in your ability to pick the kind of hair extensions you want to get.

Pain in Getting Extensions

If it is the first time you are getting hair extensions, be prepared to deal with a little bit of pain, particularly if it is your first time getting hair extensions. In many cases, the method being used can also contribute to causing a bit of discomfort. For example: If you are getting a threaded weave for the first time, you might experience a certain amount of sensitivity on your scalp.

However, keep in mind that the sensitivity and pain you experience should not be to the point where you cannot bear it at all. The severity of the pain can be an indicator that something is going extremely wrong so be sure to discuss it with your stylist. They can help to identify if you are having an allergic reaction to the bonding glue or if the braids the weave is being threaded through are too tight. Don’t let the situation go hoping that it might get solved on its own. Oftentimes, it can also become problematic.

Match Your Hair Color

Always make sure that your hair extensions match your hair color. While many people do focus on this aspect, they often forget one simple detail. Hair changes a shade or two, based on the kind of light you are in. Natural light is the best way for you to determine the proper shade. Indoor lighting can tend to darken hair so it is better to opt for natural light as a good way to reference the kind of color to get.

Another good idea is to dye the hair extension to match your hair color. This is extremely useful, particularly if you cannot find the right hair color in the available hair extensions. If you are considering dying your hair extensions, opt for natural hair extensions or Remi hair. It is a good idea to discuss this option with your stylist and have them dye the hair extensions for you as they can do it more carefully without causing undue damage to the extensions.

They Are High Maintenance

When you get hair extensions, you have to understand the fact that they are high maintenance. You will have to not only change up your hair routine, you will also have to ditch certain products as they can contain ingredients that will disintegrate the bond and harm your hair extensions inadvertently.

Washing and drying of hair extensions also requires extra care as you will be unable to use your hair dryer on high heat. You will also have to forgo certain hair styles as they might put too much pressure on your hair extensions and inadvertently, cause strain on your scalp as well.

Moreover, you will also have to careful of avoiding going swimming with hair extensions. While the chlorine content in swimming pool water is usually bad for hair, it is twice as worse for hair extensions. With clip-in hair extensions, you can be a bit more relaxed but with permanent ones, you will have to be more vigilant.

Don’t Neglect Your Natural Hair

It is all too tempting to fall in love with your permanent hair extensions and forget about your natural hair but this isn’t good. Neglecting your natural hair, keeping permanent hair extensions for too long or getting them redone again and again can cause your scalp and your hair to suffer.

Not only will you experience increased hair fall, you can also develop alopecia, have an increasingly sensitive scalp and in the worst case scenario, develop a fungal infection on your scalp. Pay attention to your real hair and be sure to give it room to breathe and relax from time to time. While you might like the hair extensions, don’t neglect your natural hair because the ramifications of doing so are extremely bad.

Buying Your Own Hair Extensions

When you’re heading down to the stylist for hair extensions, a good way to save some money is by opting to bring your own hair extensions. While stylists do have an inventory of extensions to choose from, these can often cost you more since salons and stylists add a markup cost to the hair extensions you buy from them.

While many people like being able to look and feel the quality of the extensions that they are getting, it is usually not worth the extra cost. If you are looking to be thrifty, you can opt to buy your own hair extensions beforehand and bring it to the stylist. Buying hair extensions from a reliable hair extension retailer online can also allow you to save a lot of money. In this case, all you have to pay for is the installation process.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

When picking hair extensions, many people are looking for the cheapest option in the marketplace. However, quality should be a major focus here, particularly when you are buying hair extensions. Many people believe they have good value for money when they get a lot of wefts of hair extensions at a low cost.

On the other hand, you can’t beat good quality hair extensions, even if the quantity isn’t as much. Good quality will tell when you are trying to style or look after your hair extensions. Poor quality hair extensions will be more challenging to clean and style and be more likely to get damaged or require replacement. Good quality extensions can last you for longer and give your results that are more natural.

Picking the Right Stylist

Since you will be brining your own hair extensions, don’t be shy about splurging on the stylist. Pick an experienced stylist, particularly one who has experience in handling and attaching hair extensions in the method you are favoring. For example: If you have Remi hair extensions and want them fusion bonded to your hair, you should look for a stylist who knows about handling that particular type of hair extensions and understand fusion bonding.

Otherwise, you end up wasting your time and money since they will not only apply it improperly, they can also cause damage to the hair extensions as well as your natural hair. Be sure to ask around and really take your time to pick a stylist as the results will depend a lot on the overall skill set of the stylist.

With the help of these top facts, you can easily get the best hair extensions before you head to the stylist. If you are looking for a good online retailer for hair extensions, shop with us. Take a look at our inventory. From natural hair extensions to Remi hair and more, we have hair extensions available at pocket friendly prices in almost any style possible.

Feb 2nd 2018

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