Wearing a WIG? Simple Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Wearing a WIG? Simple Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy


Women love looking good and beautiful and wearing a wig is one of those options they consider to help boost their appearance and self-confidence.

Wigs can be worn for aesthetic reasons as well as for the purpose of covering hair loss, among other factors. Whatever is your reason to wear a wig, you need to know how to make the most out of it without damaging your real hair.

Massaging Your Scalp

If you have chosen to wear a wig, know that the blood flow on your scalp might be limited since the wig is firmly attached to your head. You can overcome this by massaging your scalp every time you pull the wig off – so as to allow blood circulation.

Using a Wig liner

You should consider using a barrier in-between your hair & the wig as this will help protect your hair. You can opt for the silk types as this will not draw moisture from your hair as other types like nylon or cotton liners.

Regular Shampoo and Conditioning

While wearing a wig is a great choice, you shouldn’t in any way neglect your natural hair. You have to regularly shampoo & condition your hair, doing it always as normal routine.


Damp hair

When you choose to wear a wig, it is important you only do so after you must have completely dried your hair. This is because wearing a wig on damp hair will only boost the development of germs and fungi. Adding to the heat and moisture within the wig, this will increase the growth of mildew as well.

Hair Trimming

You can hire an expert to help trim your hair regularly as this will help get rid of dead ends & damaged hair. Doing this will guarantee that your hair stays healthy & grow properly!

Bed Time

You should avoid sleeping with your wig on. This will help your scalp breathe properly and also prevent damage to your hair since the wig may be too tight to trigger hair loss.

Last but not the least, whenever you wear a wig, ensure your hair is made as cornrows, or wrapped around your head. Doing any of these neatly under the wig will keep the wig in place & even.

Feb 24th 2018

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