About Us


                                            Welcome To Epikmanes; The No1 Shop For Gorgeous Hair Extensions & Wigs!
We,  at  Epikmanes,  would  like  to  thank  you  for  visiting  our  store  and  take a  few  moments  to share our vision, goals, and orientation!No one could argue that our hair nowadays has become way more than just a part of our looks; the way we wear them could significantly affect many aspects of our lives, from an important job interview to a romantic encounter.Gorgeous,  shiny,  beautiful  hair is  nowadays  associated with  self esteem,  confidence,  and overall attitude; so should people who face serious hair problem not feel that way? Of course not, that’s what Epikmanes is here for!
                                                                    Our Purpose & Dream!
                                           Having  experienced  first-hand  the  difficulties  that  a  person  with  health  issues  that  cause  hair loss has to face we decided that we  wanted to  do something about it–to offer an alternative that would eliminate most of these difficulties! Hence,  we  founded  Epikmanes,  with  the sole  purpose  of  designing  and  distributing  superior, high-end quality  wigs  and  hair  extensions for both  home and  professional  use.You can forget about cheap synthetics, flimsy glues,and strands of hair that fall with a light breeze.Our  wigs  and  extensions  were  not  designed  to  be  mere  accessories;  they  were  made  to become a part of your everyday life, and make you feel as confident as you want! Browse through our store and discover various colors and hair types. We are 100% certain that you  will  find  an  item  that  perfectly  matches  your  personality,  physical  attributes,  and  personal taste!
                                                                   It’s All About The People!
Unlike many companies in the market, we try not to forget how we started, regardless of how far we’ve  come  since  then.  Thus,  we  treat  each  and  every  one  of  our  customers  with  the  same respect and professionalism that we treated our first client ever! We want to make sure that your shopping experience with us is a memorable one–in the best way possible! That is why we have a team of seasoned customer care specialists that will make sure you have everything you need during your purchase stages. From additional  information  on  how  to  use  your  product  to pieces  of  advice  on  how  you  can style it, wash it, and keep it in tip-top condition for many years to come.Welcome To Epikmanes; Go Ahead & Check Out Our Collection Today!
                                                                   Mission Statement
    Our mission  is  to  provide men  and  women  of  any  age  with  a  handy,  premium  quality  solution  for  hair-related issues. We are dedicated to offering you only the best of the best wig and hair extensions that will help you regain your confidence and will offer you an impeccable smile as well!